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My channel on YouTube

I have a channel on YouTube with a collection of videos about math tools like:
  • Geogebra, a free online math tools for graphing, geometry, 3D, and more!
  • PTC mathcad prime, an industry standard math notation and calculation tool.
  • Mathematica ,the world's definitive system for modern technical computing.
  • Maple , the math software that combines the world's most powerful math engine with an interface that makes it easy to analyze.
To watch more, visit my channel MOFEEDEDU or click on the icons from the image on the right.
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My courses on Udemy platform

I teach a series of training courses on the Udemy educational system, including programs and tools that serve mathematics such as Mathematica, Mathcad, Maple, Geogebra, MAtlab-MuPAD and other software programs such as data analysis and problem solving using Microsoft Excel, for more details and new courses, visit My page on Udemy .
On the right you can identify each course and the latest discounts.
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Math & Computer

This book explains five software programs specialized in the field of mathematics:
Maple, Mathematica, Mathcad, Geogebra and Microsoft Math.
The book serve those interested in math and science and researchers.

Free reading this book with overviews vedios and imprtant math links Press here

MS Aceess

Almofeed in Access
This book is one of the first books that added to the Arabic library, which deal with simplified explanation of Microsoft Access program plus examples in a floppy disk, the book gives the idea of a relational databases and how to use Structured Query Language (SQL) in forms and reports with an explanation of the Visual Basic for applications (VBA).

MS Excel

Almofeed in Excel
This book explains Microsoft Excel with the beginning of the editing and formating page work and even create professional tables of data and dealing with formulas, mathematical, financial and statistical functions and the use of databases and the use of graphics, sound, macros and pivot tables,and how to use Solver and Goal Seek.

MS Powerpint

Almofeed in Powerpint
This CD with sound and image explains how to make a professional presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint in educational process and in seminars and meetings,also explain how to use macros and VBA language in these presentations.

Math Quizzes

We offer you a set of interactive short math tests, which provide you with new information, help develop thinking skills, and remind you of some mathematical skills.
On the right there are four tests, each one consisting of ten questions, and you can see the result and know the correct answers.

About me

I am an educational consultant, worked more than 35 years, in the field of education in Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia and interested in the fields of Programming,database systems,information technology,using technology in education, and writing .
I wrote a series of books in mathematics and computer,see my books in Amazon, and was given a wide range of lectures and training courses, and I designed many programs that serve the work, such as the expected growth program and estimating the needs of teachers program, I also have a range of courses on the Udemy platform .
I have a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Alexandria and holds a certificate of database adminstration (DBA) from Microsoft. see more...